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We are pleased to say that we are continuing to open for Sunday morning services at 10.30am.There are still the regular Covid restrictions to adhere to – sanitizing our hands, social distancing, covering our face – but we are happy to be able to be Praising the Lord in our building.


Our Regular weekly events are up and running again now. The exception is the Parent and Toddler Group, which may not be reopening because of lack of toddlers! However, we are needing to have some essential work done on the new roof on the pine end of our building, so there may be some disruption over the next few weeks - particularly with the use(?) of kitchen and toilets.


Every few days  we will continue to post a Bible verse  and thought - previous ones can be found on our 'Other Events' page.



'having nothing, and yet possessing everything'. 2 Corinthians chapter 6 verse 10. During this time for many of us what we have has been taken away from us. Maybe income, health, job, holidays, freedom, school, clubs, ... and we are wondering what life is all about. The truth is we can take nothing with us when we die. So how can we possess everything? This verse came to life on a trip to Uganda back in 2005 where I saw people who had so little but were happy. the reason is that so many of them had the only thing that really mattered - a right relationship with God. God who created them, loves them and through Jesus has forgiven them and restored them. He wants to do this for you as well.




We are a small but lively evangelical fellowship that loves Jesus, believes the Bible & seek to share God’s Good News with the local community through both church based and outreach activities, as well as supporting Christian work across God’s world.

Sunday services
at 10.30am.

Prayer meetings:
Saturday 8.30am on Zoom
Thursday 9.30am fellowship group at church.

There are occassional in-person Saturday morning prayer meetings.

Bible Study:
Tues 7pm on Zoom

Urban Saints Group:
Children's and youth work
3-10s Weds from 6 - 7.15pm
10+ Weds from 7.30 - 8.30pm

Parent and Toddler group:

Fridays 9.15 - 11.15am. (not at the moment)

Inter church youth group
some Friday evenings.

Please follow the above links for more information on any of the activities, or feel free to use our contact us page if you have any questions.


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